Why DIY Pressure Washing is a Not a Good Idea for Your Commercial Fleet?

Why pressure washing a commercial fleet yourself is not a good idea

Over the last few years, more people have grown fond of DIY activities and tasks. Though it can be a smart idea to fix a pipe leak at your home by yourself or do some DIY landscaping, you should not go for DIY pressure washing for your commercial fleet. Here are a few pointers on why DIY pressure washing is a bad idea for your commercial fleet. 

  1. Finding the Right Pressure is Difficult

If you are not a professional, you might not find the right amount of pressure. If there is too much pressure, it can lead to damage like damaging wood, removing the finish, stripping paint, etc. In contrast, if it is too little, it might not lead to complete cleaning of the vehicles. 

  1. Lack of the Right Solution

A professional pressure washer will use the right solution to ensure that every part of the vehicle is spotless. DIYers often don’t use the right solution or use it at all. They just hope that pressure will clean everything perfectly. It’s a mistake as some surfaces have mold, mildew, corrosive debris, and other particles that are hard to detect. 

  1. No Strategy

People who watch a few videos and start with pressure washing don’t realize that it’s not as simple as buying or renting equipment and getting started. It would help if you made a strategy of what parts of the vehicles will be cleaned first and how. You also need to identify the problem areas during cleaning and then develop solutions. It’s a task that needs a lot of time and effort. 

  1. Wrong Equipment

Vehicles that are different from one other would have different cleaning needs. Some vehicles need a delicate cleaning while others get cleaned with a lot of pressure. If you want to clean different vehicles, you need to find out the right equipment for each vehicle. It can be a costly affair if you own multiple vehicles. Also, you might get confused about the equipment and cleaning products and buy the wrong ones. 

  1. Safety Concern

Safety is always a concern when using DIY methods. The risk is higher with pressure washing equipment and cleaning products that might contain toxins. Reading the instruction manual is essential, but experience matters more. If you are not careful, you might end up hurting yourself, your loved ones, your pets or even cause irreversible damage to the vehicle. 

  1. Cleaning of Sensitive Areas

When cleaning sensitive areas, you need to be extra careful and ensure that you don’t damage them. Special attention should be paid when cleaning the vehicle’s glass, engine, and other sensitive areas. If there is undetected damage to any part of the vehicle, you might end up making it worse with DIY pressure cleaning. 

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