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Fleet Washing Services

Make sure your commercial fleet always remains in top shape by choosing our Fleet Washing Service in California. We work fast, so we will be done with the cleaning in a few minutes and help ensure that your vehicles are quickly back on the road and help you make money.

Stringent Standards

When it comes to cleaning the commercial fleet, we follow stringent standards to ensure that the vehicles are cleaned thoroughly inside and out.

Use of Recycled Water

We make use of recycled water extensively so that our planet doesn’t suffer. We think of a sustainable future all the time!

Easy Scheduling

Our team will work around your schedule. You can decide when you want us to manage your fleet washing need, and we will make that happen. Our staff members are qualified, competent, experienced, and always available for you.

Different Services

You can trust our Fleet Washing Service in California as we can clean your trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, construction equipment, taxis, company cars, and limos. You can trust us to keep it squeaky clean, no matter which makes and model fleet you use for your commercial needs.

Save Money

When you keep your commercial fleet cleaned and well-maintained, you will save money by avoiding costly repairs. Our team will highlight any potential problems in your vehicles so that their performance is not impacted and your business doesn’t suffer losses due to unexpected breakdowns.

State of the Art Equipment

We always use state-of-the-art equipment while offering Fleet Washing Service in California to ensure that the results always exceed your expectations. Our staff members are also well trained so they won’t accidentally misuse any equipment or cause any damage.

Looks Matter

Clean-looking vehicles help you build trust with customers and let them see that quality, health, well-being, and hygiene matter to you. Remember, your reputation is linked to how your commercial fleet looks. So, you shouldn’t compromise that.

Save Time

The task of cleaning the commercial fleet requires a lot of time. Don’t ask your drivers to do that and impact your brand’s productivity. Choose our Fleet Washing Service in California so that your staff can get to the next service call quickly or deliver products timely.

We Offer the Best Fleet Washing Service in California

So Cal Property Services can keep your fleet of company cars looking brand new!

Why Choose Us?

  • Top-quality detergents and shampoo.
  • Environmentally friendly solvents.
  • All types of vehicle wash.
  • Quick service.
  • Doorstep service available.

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During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have responded to customer requests with efficiency and delivered effective solutions. We were always there when our customers needed us.

With nearly three decades of experience, a professional team, and commitment to quality, So Cal Property Services has set a high standard in the property maintenance industry for 26 years. We provide quality Fleet Washing Service in in California at a competitive price. You can rely on us to get the job done in a timely and cost-effective manner. Click here to talk to an expert about your specific needs regrading Fleet Washing Service or call us on 800-290-0291.