Parking Lot Sweeping and Striping

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Parking Lot Sweeping and Striping  


When you want to make the best impression on anyone who walks in through the gate, especially your new and existing customers, you need to make sure that you maintain a clean parking lot. You also need to ensure that you maintain a clean facility as it has an enormous impact on the outward image of your business and can impact how stakeholders perceive your business. To ensure all that, you need the parking lot stripping and sweeping services offered by So Cal Property Services. 

Why do You Need Parking Lot Sweeping and Striping?

You regularly need Parking Lot Sweeping and Striping for the image of your business. You also need it to preserve and extend the life of the lot and eliminate all safety issues. For instance, if there is broken glass in a parking lot, it might puncture vehicles’ tires or cause injuries. Also, debris like wet leaves might create hazardous conditions and make a person slip and fall. 

What is Included in a Parking Lot Sweeping in Costa Mesa?

Usually, a Parking Lot Sweeping and Striping service in Costa Mesa will include:

  • Hosing oil spills and stains
  • Removing litter, debris, and weeds
  • Sealing asphalt for protection
  • Cleaning all areas, including sidewalks, pad areas, dumpster enclosures, and storefronts (if applicable)
  • Vacuum Sweeping Streets (HOA’s, Apartment Complex, etc)

Trust us for Vacuum Sweeping Parking Lot Service

We also specialize in Vacuum Sweeping parking structures with efficiency. You can also contact us when you need Vacuum Sweeping Streets (HOA’s, Apartment Complex, etc.) at the best prices

Get the Best Parking Lot Sweeping and Striping Service- We Are the Best Parking Lot Sweepers

If you are seeking reliable Parking Lot Sweeping and Striping services and want to hire the best parking lot sweepers, trust Socal Property Services. We ensure:

  • Only experienced, skilled, and competent people are assigned to you
  • The use of top-quality equipment and safer cleaning materials
  • A customized cleaning plan is crafted just for you
  • Your business has a great curb appeal
  • Quality service is provided at fair prices
  • Renewal of worn-out parking lots by offering services like crack repair, pothole filling, slurry seal, restriping, and landscaping
  • Better security and traffic flow with bollard or barrier installations

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