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SoCal Property Services sweeper truck

A clean and well maintained retail facility gives your customers a positive first impression.

Nobody talks about a clean parking lot. Everybody talks about a dirty and debris strewn parking lot.

Ensure your construction site is compliant with all pertinent local codes and environmental regulations with power sweeping. Sweeping is a recommended best management practice for mitigating stormwater pollution.

A cleaner industrial facility benefits everyone that arrives on site and leaves a positive first impression.

Ensuring your streets are clean and attractive helps maintain higher property values and can promote civic pride.

Cleaner streets means that less litter, debris, and harmful chemicals make it into waterways via storm drains.

A clean neighborhood is a happy neighborhood. We work with HOA’s ad property managers to ensure the best results so your neighborhood looks its best.

Whether you require a one-time service at one location or you need ongoing cleaning at multiple locations for pressure washing, you can count on us.

Make sure your commercial fleet always remains in top shape by choosing our Fleet Washing Services. We will help ensure that your vehicles are quickly back on the road.

Our solar panel washing services are provided by our experienced professionals using state of the art equipment.

Our expertise ranges from cleaning windows of high-rise buildings to low-rise buildings, atriums to skylights, and even decorative and stained glass. We ensure that all your cleaning needs are completely met, and you call us over and over again.

We offer steam sanitization, cleaning, and disinfection services to homes, commercial establishments, and institutions. You can request proactive sanitization or full steam sanitization depending on your requirements

Sometimes you might need us to get rid of stubborn messes such as unsightly graffiti. We will remove the graffiti and restore the appearance of your surfaces.

Commercial business landscaping and landscaping maintenance services for all aspects of your landscaping needs.

We will ensure that the landscaping and landscaping maintenance around your office building leaves a positive impression.

Whatever the properties you manage, we will take care of your outdoor landscaping and maintenance needs so you can focus on your business.

We want to work with you to keep your HOA neighborhood beautiful, clean, and well maintained. Our experienced professionals are ready to keep your HOA looking its best.

Keeping the landscapes maintained in a municipal environment can be a daunting task. With SoCal Property Services, you can focus on your municipality, and we will focus on your landscaping with our team of experienced professionals.

We specialize in striping parking spaces to ensure smooth vehicle traffic flow and ensure that all the vehicle owners know how and where to park their vehicles. 

We specialize in striping handicapped parking per ADA regulations. Our professionals complete this work efficiently and ensure the finished striping and signage is compliant with ADA regulations.

Our professional porter services ensure that your facility is always clean, fresh, and well maintained.

We offer asphalt repair services. We use methods like asphalt milling and resurfacing for asphalt to correct cracks, potholes, and other instances of asphalt failure or distress.

Trust SoCal Property Services when you need help with hauling items, especially bulky items like sofas, beds, cupboards or delicate items like TV, microwave, dishwasher, etc. We ensure that all items are hauled swiftly and safely. 

Trust SoCal Property Services when you need catch basin cleaning services. Regularly cleaning and caring for catch basins is essential to help avert flooding. 

About Us

SoCal Property Services believes in state of the art equipment, quality service, professional employees, and strong business relationships.

Impressions are important which is why we are here to help you make a great first impression from the moment someone steps foot onto your property.

Our mission is also our promise to our clients. We want to deliver excellent exterior cleaning and maintenance services so you can focus on your business. You shouldn’t have to worry about the way that your property’s exterior looks – that’s our job!

Excellence Since 1991

We Provide Accountable Industrial, Commercial, And Residential Cleaning & Maintenance Services.

GPS Tracking &
Video Surveillance Technology

Smart phone with geolocation technology
We believe in accountability to our clients.

Every So Cal Property Services vehicle employs a GPS tracking unit to determine its precise location. We are able to keep a record of all of its movements, down to the foot. We know when our driver arrived and departed, their speed of travel and the areas that were covered. This advanced system provides us with a picture of exactly where our truck has traveled on your property. We also deploy state of the art surveillance technology inside and outside our vehicles. This detailed coverage takes the guesswork out of our commitment to service, offering accountability that you can trust. Our GPS Mapping is the most advanced tool in the industry and provides us with a picture of exactly where our truck has traveled on your property.

One of our teams at SoCal Property Services
Why choose us

Personalized Service

Specialized Tech

We’ve invested in CRM technology to make sure we record and update every communication with you.


Our individualized solutions will make you to feel as if you are our most important customer.

Regular Inspections

We make frequent, personal inspections of your sites to confirm the quality of our service.


We apply the most advanced GPS tracking of our sweepers so we don’t miss a thing.



Our average customer rating is 4.8

What Our Customers Say

"I have worked with SoCal Property Services for many years and they have consistently done an exceptional job on all of my managed properties. I can count on their service to keep these clean and looking professional.I am especially impressed with the GPS technology that keeps an accurate account of the service that they provide on the property. They actually make my job easier because I can count on John and the team to take care of my street sweeping needs so that I can focus on the other property concerns. I would highly recommend SoCal Property Maintenance to anyone requiring sweeping services.
Riva Sanchez
River Rock
"Thank you for providing you sweeping services over the last 15 years. It has been a great experience and SoCal Property Services has made this oart of our job easier. We wish we had more vendors such as you who take the time to provide us with the best recommendations for our property sweeping which results in clean and tidy parking lots when our tenants and customers arrive at their place of business, shopping, or business destination. As you already know, at CBRE, we have several choices from which to select sweeping vendors and you have always provided very competitive pricing for a job very well done and this makes our choice to award SoCal Property Services business easy. Most recently I have been especially impressed by the addition of the latest GPS technology and sweeper report log. Again, thank you so much for your help and being a great vendor on which we can always rely on.
Ivette J Barnett
CB Richard Ellis

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SoCal Property Services sweeper truck

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