Window Cleaning Tips from a Pro That You Need to Know Now

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Cleaning a house or building’s window is a tough job. You need all the tips and tricks you come across to make the process simple, straightforward, and slightly easier. Here are some window cleaning tips from a Pro that you need to know now. They will help cleanliness freaks who want to keep their windows shiny and clean all the time.

  • Always Go for Two Scrubbers

When cleaning windows, you should always carry two scrubbers. The dirt on the inside of the window is different from the pollutants and bird excrement outside. So, you need two scrubbers to deal with both sides deftly.

  • Pick Liquid Dish Detergent

Cleaning windows is smoother with liquid dish detergent. Go for a 100% biodegradable option if you want to protect plants, pets, and toddlers that/who may touch the window or come in contact with the detergent.

  • Try Vinegar

If you are a fan of natural cleaning products, you should choose vinegar or acetic acid to cut the grease but won’t streak. You should try a solution of 50% tap water and 50% white vinegar.

  • Go for a Dual-Purpose Paint Can Opener

In case popping out the window screens seems like a challenge to you, go for a dual-purpose paint can opener that will pop out the window screens with ease and in an instant.

  • Avoid Streaks with a New Blade

When cleaning windows and expecting impressive results, you must go for a 12 to 14-inch squeegee that will help you to avoid streaks. Make sure you put in a new rubber blade after each cleaning session if you continually want to prevent streaks.

  • Skip the Scratches

Another advantage of a new razor blade is that it will help in removing gunk and paint overspray. Just ensure that the glass is constantly wet and use the new blade every time. Remember, microscopic rust particles on an old blade might scratch the glass, and the result might not be pretty.

  • Focus on Detailing

It is also essential that you carry two detailing rags with you. The first one can be used for dirty tasks like sills, and the other can be used for the edges of the glass. It will ensure that you don’t miss anything.

  • Battle Tough Stains with Steel Wool

If a window has tree sap, adhesive residues, or other tenacious stains that won’t go away easily, you might need steel wool to get everything cleaned nicely. It would help if you lubricated the window’s glass using some window cleaner and then buffed the stains with the fine steel wool.

  • Use Power Tools If Needed

In case the window glass has tougher stains that won’t go away even with steel wool, you might need to use a mild abrasive in combination with a power tool like a buffing wheel. When working near the window sash, you should ensure it’s protected with masking tape.

Get Help from the Experts!

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