Steam Sanitization Services for Protection Against/Prevention of COVID-19

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Steam Sanitization Services for Protection Against/Prevention of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic that has led to the spread of COVID-19 disease has turned lives irrevocably. People are now more focused on keeping everything clean and disinfected as the virus spreads from one person to another and can be deadly at times. Even CDC recommends cleaning surfaces and steam sanitization services as a best practice method to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Get Professional Steam Sanitization Services

So Cal Property Services can help the surrounding areas by providing excellent Coronavirus disinfection and sanitization services in California to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer steam sanitization, cleaning, and disinfection services to homes, commercial establishments, and institutions. You can request proactive sanitization or full steam sanitization depending on your requirements and the outbreak of COVID-19.

Cover Most Establishments

You can trust us for steam sanitization services in California for Residential Homes and Apartment Complexes, Townhomes, Bars, Restaurants, Schools, Office Buildings, Public Libraries, Gyms, Daycares, Retail Stores, Manufacturing Facilities, Spas, Churches, Nail Salons, Hair Salons, Car Dealerships, Doctors’ Offices, Healthcare Facilities, Universities, Veterinary Clinics, Vehicles, Any Commercial Buildings, and Dorm Rooms.

Make Return to Work Easy

As vaccines provide protection against COVID-19, employers are eager to get employees back to work. If you are also asking your staff to get back to work, you need to ensure that you offer a clean, safe, and virus-free environment at your commercial establishment so that your customers and employees can feel safe again. Our Steam Sanitization services ensure that your employees and customers feel safe by walking into your establishment. You can choose to get this sanitization done at regular intervals (monthly) to ensure better protection and satisfactory results.

Using the Best Products

Trust So Cal Property Services to use only the best products when picking our steam sanitization services in California. We use only EPA-registered virucides for cleaning and disinfecting the target areas. We also use quaternary solutions for disinfection and hydroxyl generators to eliminate all harmful pathogens.

Cleaning the Common Areas

Based on CDC recommendation, we clean all shared areas and surfaces after an outbreak or a case of COVID-19 at an establishment. The common areas and surfaces we clean include but are not limited to knobs, remotes, phones, horizontal surfaces, phones, elevator buttons, and all high-touch areas.

Trust So Cal Property Services Without a Doubt

When seeking the best steam sanitization services in California, you can trust So Cal Property Services without a doubt. During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have responded to customer requests with efficiency and delivered effective solutions. We were always there when our customers needed us.

With nearly three decades of experience, a professional team, and commitment to quality, So Cal Property Services has set a high standard in the property maintenance industry for 26 years. We provide quality steam sanitization services in California at a competitive price. You can rely on us to get the job done in a timely and cost-effective manner. Click here to talk to an expert about your specific steam sanitization needs.