Landscaping Maintenance Services

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Landscaping Maintenance Services

Your landscape expresses you, your business, and your brand. It should reflect your style and taste. It should also be welcoming enough to attract people and make sure they walk in the door. To help ensure that your landscape provides the serenity, comfort, and curb appeal you need, trust So Cal Property Services. We offer professional landscaping services in California with quality in mind and competitive pricing.

Getting the Basics of Landscape Maintenance Services Right

Whether you need us to do basics like trim bushes, mow grass, clan up planters, trim trees, or you want us to check up and fix sprinklers periodically, we can do it all. You can also count on us to do tasks associated with weed control, irrigation, and drainage, fertilizing and mulching, and leaves and tree debris removal. We will get the basics done first and then move to other activities that make the landscape look appealing. 

What to Expect When You Choose Our Landscaping Maintenance Services

When you trust our landscape maintenance services, you can expect greener grass, vibrant flower beds, naturally shaped shrubs, weed-free planting areas, and many other elements that ensure you have an inviting outdoor space that people want to spend time in or walk around. 

We Follow Environment-Friendly Maintenance Practices

As we care for the planet and want sustainable development, you can trust us to follow these environment-friendly landscaping maintenance practices: 

  • Use of emission-free equipment
  • Reliability on organic fertilizers and organic pest control products
  • Choosing recycled trimmings for mulch
  • Utilizing computerized water management systems

Types of Commercial Landscaping Services-

We have extensive experience in handling commercial landscaping maintenance needs of:

  • Commercial properties
  • Offices
  • Golf courses
  • Management firms
  • Homeowner’s associations
  • Municipalities
  • Clients in industrial and retail industries
  • Government institutions
  • And many others 
Get the Best Landscaping Maintenance Services in Costa Mesa

Socal Property Services offers the best Landscaping Maintenance Services in Costa Mesa at fair prices. When you need landscaping maintenance services you can trust, contact us. We offer professional landscaping maintenance that you will always love. Contact now for more.